What A Racket

I’m trying something new. There’s a fledgling social network called Racket, which uses a slightly different sound-based format to Clubhouse. I think I prefer the way Racket does it as it’s less stressful (to me ) and less time consuming and less random. Essentially you record with what you have to hand, via their site,…

VR Workout – Pistol Whip (again )

Really enjoying it now. I took a couple of days off because I wasn’t feeling great, but decided to just dive back in to it today. AND… and… I streamed it for about half an hour on twitch! It was actually really nice to get to streaming again, so I’m going to stream these workouts…

Walk 1 again

I’m starting the daily walk again. Hopefully this time I’ll keep it going. Things are stressful now. Not least because this brexit nonsense is terrifying. Anyway, here’s a picture that I made on the journey.

Secret Beach

A shot taken near Mallaig on a last minute walk on a secret beach before we headed back home from our too brief honeymoon. A couple of days after Storm Callum blew through.