WRC 10: Fun and frustration in equal measure

I may have mentioned before, I’m a rally fan. I’m also a sim-racer. It’s been a thing I’ve done on and off for many years, but at the start of lockdown last year I got super serious about it, bought a decent wheel and a decent seat and a decent PC.

The game that I started my journey with sim-racing last year was WRC 9. I loved it to bits. So it pains me to say that the latest iteration, while it has even better handling, is riddled with frustrating issues that get in the way of loving the game right now.

The video below is a long one, but I’ve gone into some detail on what’s fun, what’s frustrating, and often what’s both. I’ve added extensive timestamps in the video description if you want to jump to what interests you.

I really hope the game gets patched extensively, because that handling model deserves to get driven by many people. I just can’t recommend to any but the hardcore WRC series fan right now.

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