A Return To The Bridges

Image from the trip posted up on blipfoto.

A long time ago, in seemingly a different universe to this one, I spent a long time working on a landscape documentary project called The Bridges. It was ostensibly 13ish years in the making, but really 90% of it happened in the last 18 months or so.

I thought I was done. Turns out I might not be.

For one thing. A third bridge got approved just after I exhibited. Typical. For another, I was never truly happy with it as a whole. There were some stellar images in there, one in particular that’s been exhibited internationally, but it needed a tighter edit. I needed to be more brutal and cut it right down. But it was my first arts body funded work; which, while enabling me to make something I never would have, somehow made me feel I had to justify the funding with quantity. I feel this was a mistake.

A mistake I feel the need to rectify.

So I went back to see the bridges today, a moment in itself because I have been stuck at home for what feels like a very long time. Mostly i wanted to walk somewhere that wasn’t in my boring old town, but I also wanted to see if it sparked anything in me; any kind of desire to make images, something I’ve lacked for the last 12 months.

I recorded some thoughts on Racket too (which I’m enjoying btw).

The Bridges, lock down, waning creativity and regaining creativity | Racket

And I played about with making a little vlog on youtube. It was mostly a test of the mic quality on my little action camera. A test that it didn’t pass particularly well, so apologies for the wind noise. I toyed with the idea of not publishing it, but I decided the only way to do this successfully, is for me to put myself fully out there. So that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

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