VR Workout / 15th Feb 2021 / Pistol Whip + Until You Fall

Meant to post this a couple of days ago but I had a lot on.

Not a huge amount to say today. My knuckles are still a bit yellow from the “incident” last week. We’ve bought a small circular rug to stand in while playing, to try and ensure that never happens again.

These are two games I’ve played a fair bit of from PSVR so I could just get on with it and put some effort in. 857 calories over an hour. I’ll maintain that level this week and then up it next week I think. Heart seems lower than I expected which is fine, but I need to challenge myself next week.

Both games benefit mostly from just not having a cable. Until You Fall more than Pistol Whip. Marginally better looking on Quest 2 I think. MUCH easier to record stuff though.

This week will be sparse in terms of posts, then I’ll be back it with a run down of how it’s going so far. I’m also going to try and figure out how to stream to twitch with the Quest 2 (I think it’s doable, just need OBS and a couple of other doodads).

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