The Practice

Photo of the book “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work” by Seth Godin

I’ve always politely backed away from Seth Godin’s writing because I have a deep distrust of people who set themselves up as gurus.

Especially those with a heavy marketing background like his. There’s an almost cultish sense that you get when reading reviews of his work.

That said. My biggest struggle over the now decades (😢) after leaving art school, has been the literal establishment of a /practice/.

Grinding out the work didn’t seem to be as big a focus as understanding the work of other people.

These days, I’m becoming a big fan of establishing processes to take care of all the boring, mind numbing crap that needs done in any walk of life, but especially gets in the way of creativity in any of its interpretations.

So, from reading the reviews and the blurb, it seems like this is actually exactly what I need.

Just on my first half hour with it, I think it’s already worth it. There’s lots of guru stuff in there. Lots of quotes that could go on posters or that the devoted will place next to a photo of the guy and post on Twitter.

But beyond that, it’s becoming clear that he does understand it. And that what he’s laying down is the idea that creativity is actually about grafting every day to get it done. Not waiting for inspiration to strike or searching for that flow state before you make anything.

It’s the other way round. Do the work and the inspiration and flow will come. I find that reassuring.

And it’s true.

The few exhibitions I’ve had have come out of grinding the work out. Not a flash of inspiration and boom, done.

Let’s see how it ends up…

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