VR Workouts Feb 1 + 2

So I streamed my workout again yesterday. It’s an extra challenge. Much like running with a friend. Keeping the conversation going forces a certain pace to things I find. It also stretches me mentally as well and benefits both the workout and my public speaking skills, which I need for other areas of my life.

Anyway. Here’s a highlight of the stream. I’ve decided you’ll be able to catch me over there on Monday mid-mornings doing this. UK time. Obviously I’ll be working out more than that, but I think one stream is enough a week to be honest.

Here’s yesterday’s graph. Raised heartrate, and more calories burnt than normal which is great. Getting there!

And here’s today’s. Heartrate a fair bit lower but still a decent result. I’m curious though. Is that just the difference between me talking to non-existent Twitch viewers and me being silent? I can’t imagine I improved my fitness levels that much in the space of 24 hours.

If so, that’s actually a decent benefit of streaming my workouts. A surprising one too.

Day off tomorrow. And then hopefully I’ll have a Quest 2 the next day so I’ll be cable free!

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