My Trip To Work (Stay-at-home Version)

I’m currently working through an excellent writing course on Udemy and I think I’ll start posting my favourite pieces up on this blog. That is, after all, the point. Isn’t it? This piece was a simple re-enactment of my trip to work. Which, right now, is not a long one. Excuse the selfie. I have lockdown face.

I groggily shamble my way down the creaky stairs; well they’re creaky at the top, but the cracking noises my joints make on the way down certainly add to the “descent into hell” vibe that I wasn’t necessarily going for, but was what I got anyway. I look towards the sofa to see if my daughter is asleep or awake. The good days are the ones when she’s alert and I don’t have to remind her to get dressed, or you know, “WAKE UP”.

After I bundle her off upstairs to “school”, I make a proper pot of coffee for myself and my wife; the ritual generally involves me using my precious Hario V60 dripper (plastic version these days, because of my wife being prone to dropping anything-that-I-like-that-is-also-made-of-glass).

Then I get comfy in my armchair ( my wife has the office permanently now, and my studio is off-limits for who-knows-how-long), slap my headphones on with my Spotify Focus playlist in the background as I swing my monitor out on the super cool monitor swing-arm I installed next to me, grab my keyboard and start the horrific task of trying to fill a blank screen; be that with writing, photography, video, or sound-waves.

As it happened today’s exercise involved an extension of the piece above so I’ve built upon that with more detail.

To my left is a sturdy wooden coffee table, in a modern minimalist style, made from chunky pieces of wood, in simple geometrically perfect rectangular blocks. Strewn across it is the detritus of family life and (possibly more accurately) the detritus of an easily distracted tech nerd: a collection of charging cables, PS5 controllers, and a mouse ( the tech kind, not the furry kind) live alongside random pieces of paper, a slowly diminishing pack of gluten free biscuits, hand gel and beard moisturiser.

What!? I get dry skin.

Oh, and my favourite double-walled Chemex glass mug which makes it look like I’m drinking coffee out of a distortion in space-time.

Directly in front of me, on my extended reclining armchair, would be my feet, except I have a lap-desk thing balanced on my legs with an ipad in a slot to the rear and this keyboard that I’m using right now perched atop it too. So – much like when I’m standing – I can’t see my feet.

Hovering above it on my favourite thing right now, is my monitor. Pulled out on a beautifully balanced swing arm. Resting on top of that is a basic webcam; ready for rare conversations, and “lockdown coffees” with friends.

To my right is a small desk that I initially used as a way to work at my armchair while I can’t access my real workspace. It’s about the right size for a laptop and I used to pull it across me to work. But to get over my armchair it had to be too high to comfortably type. So now I have the laptop on it, closed, and I just use my wonderful swing arm to pull a monitor across in front of me and type away comfortably.

Alongside my laptop rests my xbox controller, which acts as both terrible temptation, and reward for resisting it in the first place.

Finally, to the right of that, by my side I have a magazine rack rammed with half-read gaming and photography magazines and my notebook for this course jammed in there too.

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