Week 2 of VR workouts begins

It’s impossible to convey just how frenetic the game is with screenshots

So this is a good sign. I’ve carried over onto week 2. I did a story (it’s weird it’s like Instagram stories but on a blog, which is supposed to be more longform? Anyway when I can’t be bothered writing it’s a quick way to record the workout I suppose)… um… start again.

I did a story on my first one of the week, yesterday; no issues, didn’t tire very much, not too sore after. Today I went well over the half hour mark, with no faff at the beginning, which means it was almost all effort this time. In a good news/bad news sort of way, I can see that I went for longer but my heart rate averaged the same over the workout, and overall it didn’t get as high.

Today’s workout
Workout from last week, you can see my heart got much higher.

I’m taking that to mean I’m getting a little fitter, which is great. I’m well aware of the perils of getting cocky and overeager with exercise with my chronic fatigue (and other health related kicks in the knackers) so I’ll take it easy tomorrow, and focus on writing and learning. When I get fit enough to hit the hour mark in a session – likely the end of next week – I’ll probably add in a second PSVR title to my regime just to vary things a bit.

I’ll also start streaming it on Twitch. I did a fair bit of that in 2020 and it’s high time I got back into the swing of entertaining people, live, with my incompetence.

Here’s 30 seconds of me puffing away. 😉

Pistol Whip has been a big surprise. The fact that you have to move so much to dodge all the bullets heading your way, and also take out so many enemies who could be anywhere, means it rapidly gets you breathing hard and, most importantly, not thinking about how hard you’re working. It’s just fun.

I’m currently trying to figure out why it’s not recording my high scores ( I want to get a family competition going ), but other than that, it’s a great start to my VR workout regime.

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