Uncertain(ty) Principles.

As I look on from across the Atlantic, I wonder how it will feel in – oh – about 3 (ish) hours from writing this, when the US presidential inauguration is underway. Will it feel as wonderful as I hope? Even as someone who’ll have to deal with the influence that the outgoing demagogic narcissist had on my own home in the UK, for years to come.

Will we be able to finally approach truth through conversation and well constructed arguments instead of giving up on truth and consensus altogether, eventually reducing ourselves to a tribe of 1? Or is truth dead now and forever?

My only real certainty is that it’s felt like the entire world has been Schrodinger’s cat for the last handful of years.

My only wish is for some hope and certainty; and that we strive to de-normalise things that should never have been imagined acceptable.

I hope that the last time I feel like Schrodinger’s cat is today.

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