VR Workout 1 – Pistol Whip

Hi! Been a while. Gonna start writing again, because y’know, the L word. Rhymes with “walk down”.

Anyway. Because of the L word, and because over the last year I’ve seen that my favourite walking spots locally have become inhabited by people that think it’s fine to not wear a mask when you can’t get two metres away because it’s “outside”. Hint. It’s NOT. Especially not when the path is so narrow you have to brush shoulders to get past. And because I have underlying health conditions which mean I’m not prepared to take any chances with fools who don’t understand how viruses work. Well, I’ve effectively been locked down since March. I’ve taken a handful of chances to go to my studio, but that was terrifying because for some reason Dunfermline folk seemed to think it’s a sign of weakness to protect other people from risk (in all fairness this has substantially changed, at least it had when I last visited my studio in the town).

Effectively, I’m like my old friend’s housecat. Always sat by the window, but never going out because it was a busy city and it was dangerous for the little kitty. I now understand why that cat was mentally unstable, and why it was not the fittest cat I’d ever seen.

Which brings me to VR Workouts. I ‘ve done these a few times over the last year, but not with a truly concerted effort to make it habit. The few times I’ve done it for two or three weeks in succession, I’ve definitely seen benefits, and I can see through Google Fit – and my own improvements in health and fitness – that it works. I’ll write about why it’s so particularly beneficial for me specifically later on.

Anyway, today’s workout was on PSVR with a game called Pistol Whip. A sort of rhythm action, John Wick shooter game.

I wasn’t expecting to be pushed much, despite essentially being back to square one fitness wise, after a long period of ill health and also the xmas break.

I was very wrong.

According to VR Health Institute, Pistol Whip is equivalent to playing tennis for the same amount of time.

So, taking my weight into account ( which is “seriously over-“) and thankfully Google Fit does, we can see that I burned a LOT of calories in a short space of time here.

My VR Workout Results

I realise there are still issues with the way that smart watches measure these things, but I’ve tested it against other methods and it comes out almost identical. Given that I don’t care about perfect accuracy here, simply motivation, this is fine for my needs.

I’m not going to talk about my actual weight here, because I find it slightly horrifying, but that’s what the L word and years of health issues can do to a person. What I will do is give an indication, as I go, of how I’m doing and how much I’m losing. So I’ll talk in terms of ( hopefully) negative numbers and muscle mass gained as time goes on.

I’m convinced already that VR can have huge health benefits for those of us suffering with chronic health issues. The aim here is to demonstrate it. I won’t write a novel each time, but I’ll try and regularly post progress.


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