Book 1 / 52Books

On the run-up to and right through the holidays, I worked through a fantastic book on bookbinding called Bound. It takes you through simple structures and works up to more complex and interesting ones.

I’d long been interested in bookbinding, having been taught a little bit about it at uni in the 90s. I didn’t really retain much of it back then because I was concentrating on my degree show at the time.

Then, a couple of years ago, a good friend gave me a present of a weekend course in bookbinding with our old tutor, which sparked something in me. But still, I didn’t do much with it, because I was pretty seriously unwell for a good couple of years.

To make up for it, and catch up on lost time, I bought the book and decided to work through it. The result is that I’m now fully in love with making books. It’s proven itself an effective stress reliever and for the first time in years, outside of gaming, I’m getting the buzz of getting better at a new skill.

This book is one that I skipped initially, as I was keen to get on to more complicated stuff. It’s a form of concertina with pockets and it’s actually quite handy for holding my other smaller books ( at least the ones my family haven’t nicked). It’s also great for holding old Xmas cards I’m going to recycle into mini books.

I decided in the new year that I would take on a challenge of sorts. I’m going to try and make a book a week. That may turn out to be on average though. I may end up making 2 or 3 one week and none the next for example, depending on how busy I am. Nonetheless, I’m aiming for 52 this year.

I made this on Sunday, which was just inside the first week. So this is Book 1 of my 52 book challenge.

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