I Never Know How to Start These Things

I really don’t. So here comes some stream-of-consciousness biography writing.

I’m a photographer, a father, a husband to be ( very soon in fact – after 19 years of being with my partner), a gamer, a podcaster and a serial project starter.

I guess, welcome to my blog? I’ve done these before, but more recently it was for my business, at the advice of marketing people and to be frank, I don’t think I can be chewed with brand building any more. It never sat well with me anyway. I accept the necessity of marketing, but I struggle with the idea of selling “my brand”. If I’m brutally honest, I’m not even sure if I’ll keep that site going – ill health has prevented me from doing any substantial paid work for 3 years now anyway; because as well as all the other things I am, I’m also now a #spoonie.

As a result of that, my life has changed quite radically in the last few years and my photography is very different to what that blog covered ( this post image is a clue to the reasons for that, but also, partially a lie*. Like all images.). I’ll probably post about that here, as well as general thoughts on photography and art, but the finished work will mostly go here.

I currently podcast about games with two good friends, Ian and Dan. I used to podcast with my daughter about games too, although currently, I don’t feel that’s a good idea. She’s in high school now, and those first 2 or 3 years in high school can be brutal; especially for super-geeks like my amazing kid. We’ll see. I do miss doing that with her.

I’m pretty smitten with the podcasting process just now and have at least one more project, – art-based this time – in the offing. I think the reason for that is the next “thing about me you need to know”. I crave collaboration. I seek it out wherever I go and podcasting seems to lend itself to that better than most other forms of expression (apart from music).

And finally. I’m a full-on scattergun, idea-generating machine, although they’re fairly indiscriminate in terms of their quality. I genuinely will get distracted on a regular basis by a handful of new and shiny projects I’ve just thought of.

The down-side? I rarely complete the damn things. I get bored frustratingly easily, and I get attracted to those new and shiny ideas as soon as an old project starts to feel like a chore. I also find it really hard to hold on to ideas long enough for me to fully formulate them, or decide if they’re actually any good.

So what do I want from this blog? Focus (if you’ll pardon the photography pun); a sense of routine; and a way to practise my writing. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing; I’m also doing a journalism course. How’s that for easily distracted…?

*Why is the image a lie? That’s for another post šŸ˜‰

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